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Living with a broken foot II

Activity + Broken foot = Couch Potato:I've tried .....and failed! Early on in my ordeal with the Foot of Doom, I promised myself that I would not become a couch potato. Today, I have failed miserably. Why, I hear you ask? Well, because yesterday I tried not to be a couch potato!
Yesterday, Nick was back at work and all my friends were too so I decided that I could at least make some sort of effort to do something. Nigella would be proud of me as I made a parsnip and ginger soup as well as managed to make some bread. Yes, it took me 25 minutes to chop the vegetables as I was sat in the wheelchair and kept dropping everything, but I damn well did it. I managed to put some washing in as well as take some Christmas decorations down. The decorations took a long time as I had to push the boxes along with my crutches and throw everything in then hang of the edge of the sofa to try to get everything in tidily. Nick came home and I was really proud of my achievements and that I had been able to make tea. (He still had to tidy up as the kitchen looked like Gordon Ramsey had had a food fight with Jamie Oliver). It was as I was dishing the soup out that I felt my leg was really hurting.
As I reached the sofa, I realised that it wasn't 'Stupid Foot'  but it was my good leg that really hurt. In fact, a dead and drooping daffodil in summer time was just what my leg felt like. It felt like it was hanging on for dear life and at any minute would drop off and I would have to get a wooden leg instead. Nick burns any wood on our fire so we would have nothing to make me a wooden leg out of so really needed to rest instead. After talking to Nick, we realised that once again I had over done it and put too much pressure on my right leg.Therefore, today, I had strict instructions to rest properly. Honestly, it feels like that is all I am doing!
Anyway, after nodding off for a while, I woke up to the joys of 'This Morning'. If I didn't know there was a commode nearby, I could have peed my pants laughing at what I saw. Philip and Holly trying to be incredibly serious as they gave a make-over to a girl whose terrible plight in life was that people thought she looked like Sonia from Eastenders! But then, the funniest part was that she looked almost the same afterwards. I thought it was just me that found it hilarious but Twitter told me otherwise-I was not alone. There are plenty of other lunatics sat at home, watching daytime T.V, checking on Twitter and wondering where it all went wrong!
I then managed about 10 minutes of listening to cantankerous battle-axes talking about stuff that they knew nothing about but had a ridiculous opinion on; the wonders that is 'Loose Women'. Thinking that this was enough to make me want to put my head in the oven, I crutched my way over to put a DVD on. This lasted about 2 hours until I had to give myself the daily injection of blood thinners. It was then that I saw the size of my stomach after a few too many mince pies. That was it-the turning point. Out came the armchair workout DVD again. Giving it a good go made me feel the need for another long rest afterwards so had to have another couple of hours of watching more DVD's.
Don't think it did too much for the mince pie stomach but nevermind, at least I don't look like Sonia from Eastenders!

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