A web with stories, popular links, and how to pages for caster enthusiast. Come and join in the conversations and hopefully make some new friends along the way. Enjoy your visit to this blog for casters fans!!!

CyberCast Place

Amazing uploads with photos of gorgeous women, mostly latinas, in real medical casts... Grab the best free content like pictures of pretty ladies with awesome casts, braces and crutches. Enjoy it all large High Quality Images Sets with your favorite casted and braced girls.
CYBERCAST PLACE has been educating, promoting and sharing the casting art to the World and the general public about the alternative fashion since March of 1998. Since then over 500,000 visitors have been browsing and collaborating to CYBERCAST PLACE site looking for companion, help, answers, and education.

  • CYBERCAST PLACE is one of the oldest caster sites and plaster casting related sites on the entire world wide web and was the first in Spanish language and our mission is not over. There are more work to do, more people to be educated in safe recreational techniques, and more art to share.
  • Your contribution, whatever you want to contribute, will go towards maintaining the CYBERCAST PLACE site and helping advertise the Cast + Lifestile. Sports+ Cast + Lifestile is CYBERCAST PLACE's casting oriented sister site.
Our hope is to expand our site into a much larger resource for both people looking for a information of recreational orthopedics and people looking to get more technical/artistically materials.

Whatever you can do to help our community is greatly appreciated. 
$7 or $1000 your donation will help continue our cause and help 
more couples, injured people live happy, peaceful and connected.

Questions regards recreational orthopedics ? cybercast70@hotmail.com
Cybercast Place blog !!!
A site were you can make friends, Share ideas, photos of casted ladies, discuss your dreams,
and inform yourself and enjoy.

Drop me a line to: 
Sagen Videos, Ideen, Fotos, Bilder von gegossenem Damen, zu diskutieren und zu genießen Cybercast Place. (Die meisten der Mädchen sind Lateiner) Folgen Sie uns auf


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